What our students say

I have had Paul and Jill as landlords for three years in two different houses. Both of the houses were in good condition in comparison to other student houses. The houses are in a good location as they are only a ten minute walk to both Avenue campus and the town centre. The bus stop to Park campus is also in close proximity. Both Paul and Jill are kind and approachable and are able to sort out minor problems quickly and efficiently”

Adam J – Stanley Street & Gordon Street 2009-2012

"Out of the other landlords I have had over the years I have to say I felt most welcome and looked after while staying with Academic Properties. I fully recommend them to any students who are looking for accommodation"

Alex F – Stanley Street 2010-11

"Great Landlord, great house"

Andrew G – Essex Street 2016-17

"I thoroughly enjoyed living in my house this year. Having used another landlord last year, I was not looking forward to renting again. However, I have had no problems this year and our landlord has been amazing. He has always been easy to get hold of should something go wrong. Would recommend this company any day"

Beth M – Stanley Street 2014-15

"Great student house, perfect for my second year of uni. Very helpful and friendly landlord, who is easily contactable and happy to help solve any problems or queries”

Charlotte A – Essex Street 2012-13

“Chris and I would like to thank you personally for everything you’ve done for us...we appreciate everything”

Chris H and Jade T – Essex Street 2009-2011

"Paul was a very helpful landlord and always made an effort to help with any issues we had throughout the year"

Claire W – Essex Street 2014-15

"I found your service to be great, very helpful and always assisting us in any way you can"

Dan M – Norfolk Street 2014-15

"Paul and Jill were very approachable landlords and were very efficient in helping if anything did go wrong.  They provided us with plenty of notice if they had to come into the property which meant that we didn't feel intruded on at all.  It was an absolute pleasure to rent from them"

Daniella M – Essex Street 2015-16

"Very good standard of student housing compared to my friends and your service and help are excellent and much appreciated. Thank you”

Danielle J – Essex Street 2012-13

"Paul has always been an excellent landlord and is always happy to help”

Esther J – Gordon Street 2011-13

"Nice student house and a helpful, responsive landlord"

Francesca L – Stanley Street 2014-15

"...it has been a wonderful experience and I will miss the house. The service from the landlord was outstanding and he always responded to queries as soon as possible"

Gina S – Gordon Street 2014-15

"Beautiful little house managed by a lovely landlord.  Could not be happier with the service we received"

Hayley R – Lower Hester Street 2015-16

"Reliable and helpful with any house problems.  Happy to help and friendly”

Jenny C – Gordon Street 2011-13

"They know everyone by name and go out of their way to deal with any problems. Miles better than any other student accommodation company in the area"

Jenny S – Norfolk Street 2014-15

“Paul and Jill are really friendly and understanding, there is no such thing as a stupid question and quickly come round if there is a problem with anything. I have really enjoyed living in this house – easy to manage and affordable. I would recommend them to any student”

Jordan W – Gordon Street 2011-2013

"Excellent service"

Judy G – Cambridge Street 2013-14

"I have really enjoyed staying at Lower Hester Street, the Landlord has been excellent, very helpful and kind.  The house is in great condition and it is in a great location.  I am really sad to leave the house after a great two years"

Katherine G – Lower Hester Street 2014-16

"I would highly recommend Academic Properties to any students looking for a student property.  Jill and Paul are lovely and always willing to help"

Kim S – Stanley Street 2014-16

"I would recommend Academic Properties to any student. Great landlord and a great house!"

Laura C – Gordon Street 2013-14

"Loved living here, have had no problems at all. House is great, location is perfect, Landlords genuinely care and want to make sure everything is the best it can be for you"

Lauren W – Norfolk Street 2016-17

"....The landlords are very kind and friendly and they make international students feel very welcome"

Maria L – Gordon Street 2016-17

"Good communication and quick response to problems”

Michael M – Lower Hester Street 2012-13

"Academic Properties have been very flexible and very good value for money. I would recommend Academic Properties to another student”

Nicola H – Essex Street 2012-13

"Jill and Paul are really great landlords; always friendly, easy to contact and willing to help.  I spent a very comfortable year at Cambridge Street with everything I needed always available"

Pablo S – Cambridge Street 2015-16

"Excellent landlord with a real personal touch. Always exceeding expectations and always willing to help out...never had any issues and would highly recommend"

Rebecca T – Stanley Street 2013-14

“I feel lucky to have Paul and Jill as my landlords. They are very kind and willing to help with any situation or questions. The room and house I have is in good condition and rare to come by for a student house. I strongly recommend them and advise you contact them first if you are looking for a student house”

Robbie M – Gordon Street 2011-2013

"I would say the handling of my property was great. My Landlord was really helpful and supportive. I was really pleased"

Ruth C – Baker Street 2013-14

"Great, friendly and helpful Landlord who is quick to sort out any problems or queries"

Ryan H – Essex Street 2013-14

"Excellent landlords, incredibly helpful and understanding to students, probably won’t get better landlords around this area”

Sam O – Stanley Street 2012-13

"Academic Properties gave myself and fellow housemates a wonderful two years in a gorgeous household. The landlords were always quick in fixing any issues that arose and I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a student property throughout their uni experience"

Shannon S – Stanley Street 2015-17

"I enjoyed living at 20 Norfolk Street. I cannot fault the service given to us by the Landlord. he was always there when we needed him"

Sofia R – Norfolk Street 2013-14

"Thank you very much for your service, I will highly recommend them to other students"

Steph S – Gordon Street 2015-16

"They are efficient, pleasant and helpful. It was great knowing that if there was a problem they would fix it as soon as they could"

Tinuke D – Cambridge Street 2014-15

"Paul and Jill are two of the best landlords you are likely to find in Northampton.  All problems with the house were dealt with asap and Paul is always quick to reply by text or call"

Zain H – Cambridge Street 2014-16

Absolutely amazing landlords! – always there when you need them! Even willing to go that extra mile by helping with issues such as light bulb changes, which no other landlord would!  Not only great landlords but lovely people too!”

Zoe P – Lower Hester Street 2011-2012

"If you want dedicated, honest, trustworthy landlords, these guys are the ones to come to. Very happy tenant"

Abigail W – Norfolk Street 2014-15

"I couldn't recommend these guys enough. They are approachable and kindly bunch that will make your life a whole lot easier. You need a Landlord that's on your side throughout your time at University, choosing Academic Properties will make a world of difference"

Alex C – Stanley Street 2012-2014

"60 Cambridge Street is a small but perfect house to live in with your two best friends! I have really enjoyed living here and Academic Properties services are fast and helpful but above all friendly. I will be very sad to leave”

Alice M – Cambridge Street 2012-13

"Extremely helpful landlord, can be contacted at anytime and will go the distance to help students in need.  Great person and extremely pleased with the time in the properties"

Andy M – Gordon Street 2014-15 & Norfolk Street 2015-16

"Really helpful, lovely Landlords. Acted on every need straight away...would recommend to all students. Very fair, honest service! Thank you!"

Cally P – Gordon Street 2013-14

"I has a great time living in the student house. The house had everything we needed for a great final year at University. landlord was fantastic and always happy to help"

Chloe U – Lower Hester Street 2013-14

"Great student house, close to Avenue Campus, excellent landlords both Jill and Paul.  Would recommend for a 2nd year house” 

Ciara D – Baker Street 2012-13

"Friendly and helpful landlords who were quick to reply and fix any problems"

Connor P – Gordon Street 2016-17

"I had many great times in this house. This was by far the best landlord I have had at my time at uni"

Daniel W – Essex Street 2016-17

"We couldn't have asked for better Landlords, Paul was always a phone call away, any issues were sorted by the next day usually, quick responses via the phone. After looking at many student houses, 20 Norfolk Street was by far the best house we viewed, very modern and tidy house. A massive thank you to the very welcoming landlords"

Danielle H – Norfolk Street 2016-17

"I really enjoyed living in the house, lovely little property. The Landlord was really helpful"

Elizabeth W – Stanley Street 2014-15

"Brilliant landlords, perfect property, would really recommend"

Faye D – Stanley Street 2015-17

"Lovely house and equally lovely landlord. I will miss 26 Stanley Street”

Georgie B – Stanley Street 2012-13

"I was very satisfied with living in this house and had some good memories here with the other house mates.  The kitchen space was big which led onto the garden and I enjoyed my time here"

Hannah S – Gordon Street 2015-16

"Paul and Jill are really nice landlords and they help me a lot in this experience in a new country! I felt like home in their house"

Ivette S – Stanley Street 2015-16

"amazing and understanding landlord, never hesitates to come to the house on call whenever there is an issue"

Jenny I – Cambridge Street 2015-16

"Friendly landlord along with an excellent house. Best quality student house I have lived in"

Jessica S – Stanley Street 2013-14

"Any problems with the property were dealt with instantly, and any communication from them was clear and easy to understand. Good rates for the rooms too! Made the past year a lot easier to cope with knowing that the landlords were easy to talk to and provided a fantastic service"

Joshua B – Gordon Street 2014-15

"Comfortable and affordable house, easy to access both campus and town. Very helpful landlord, Paul and Jill. Thank you!"

Kana T – Lower Hester Street 2016-17

"Loved living in this house. The landlords were brilliant and dealt with everything straight away. They were always on hand for any problems that arose...like when we forgot our keys and were locked outside! They made the university living experience easy and enjoyable!"

Kaylie S – Baker Street 2015-17

"The landlords have made the stay here welcoming and lovely. Would massively recommend Academic Properties to other Northampton students! Thank you”

Kristina T – Stanley Street 2012-13

“Brilliant landlords  who were friendly and approachable and always got back to us if we had a query regarding the house and were very thorough checking the smoke alarms”

Lauren A – Stanley Street 2010-2012

"Good location, short walk from both campus and town, also close to some useful shops. Two bathrooms/toilets which is very handy. Landlord was helpful and there when needed. Many thanks to Academic Properties”

Lucy G – Essex Street 2012-13

"Good landlord, very helpful”

Megan A – Stanley Street 2012-13

"...great landlord with great houses. I would highly recommend"

Michaela R – Gordon Street 2016-17

"The house was in a brilliant condition, and for such a good rental price we were thoroughly impressed! We never had any serious problems, but Paul and Jill were always quick to respond to any of our queries and happy to help! We spent our third year as students knowing we were safe in our property and were well looked after by both Paul and Jill. Our only regret is that we didn't find them sooner!"

Nikki G – Lower Hester Street 2011-2012

I found it problem free compared to other student accommodation in the same area. Paul and Jill provide decent size rooms at a reasonable rent and in a good location. Would highly recommend”

Rachel W – Stanley Street 2009-2010 & Gordon Street 2011-2012

"A nice location if you are a student at the University of Northampton. Perfect room space and a lovely cosy living room. Lovely, helpful landlords who are always quick in solving any problems or enquiries”

Rhiannon S – Cambridge Street 2012-13

"Absolutely incredible, couldn't ask for any more!"

Rosie M – Lower Hester Street 2014-15

"Brilliant house, the best one we looked at. The landlord service was great, all communication was clear and easy to deal with and any problems with the house were dealt with quickly and to a good standard"

Ruth T – Norfolk Street 2013-14

"The nicest Landlord you will find, good house at a good rate and staying with Academic Properties really made my last two years of University better!"

Sam C – Stanley Street 2012-2014

“Good clean house, everything you need, very close to university. Professional, polite and friendly landlord, responds quickly to issues or questions in the house”

Sean B – Baker Street 2010-2012

"I have found living at my house this year very enjoyable. A very helpful and kind Landlord who communicated quickly and effectively! Highly recommended!"

Shen T – Stanley Street 2013-14

Very happy with the house and Academic Properties. If there has ever been a problem it has always been resolved quickly and professionally"

Sophie E – Cambridge Street 2012-2013

“Our daughter Amy rented a house at Stanley Street from Paul and Jill during third year at Northampton University. The house was ideally located for both the university, town and train station and I genuinely wished Amy had found Stanley Street in her second year. We were really pleased, not just with the standard of accommodation and the rental charges but also the support from both Paul and Jill who were both very accommodating, flexible and easily contactable when needed, which as a parent is reassuring”

Steve W (father of Amy) – Stanley Street 2011-2012

"Norfolk Street is a very well presented house and the landlords are always understanding and willing to help out"

Yazmin T – Gordon Street 2014-15 & Norfolk Street 2014-16

"Great value for money, which is always important to a student and a landlord that actually cared about the tenants. They were always there on the day if anything went wrong and even if we just generally needed a bit of help with something, like changing a light bulb, they would be there with a tool bag and supplies. Made my living away from home experience and running my own house easy."

Zara R – Cambridge Street 2009-2010 & Stanley Street 2010-2011

"Friendly, approachable and always willing to go the extra mile if needed, especially for those who are new to living on their own"

Zoe S – Stanley Street 2014-16